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Dyed Diesel Exemption

 Click here for Dyed Diesel Exemption Form

 Who Must Submit This Registration

  You must submit this registration if you are a sole owner, partnership, corporation or other organization;  you are located in Texas; and you want to purchase tax-free dyed diesel fuel for off-highway use by issuing a signed statement to your supplier or distributor. You must obtain an End User Number from the Comptroller’s office.

For Assistance - If you have any questions regarding this registration, filing tax returns or any other tax-related matter, you may contact the Texas State Comptroller’s field office in your area or call 1-800-252-1383 or 512-463-4600.

General Instructions

- Please do not separate pages.

- Write only in white areas.

- Complete this application and mail to:

Comptroller of Public Accounts
111 E. 17th St.
Austin, TX 78774-0100

Once you receive your number, please mail, fax, or bring a copy to our office.  We MUST have this number on file for you to legally purchase red-dyed diesel from us.